I have no sense of direction. I'm an indifferent cook. Basic math eludes me. I never figured out how to properly wear makeup.

And I am, hands down, the worst maker of TikTok videos, ever. If you don't believe me, check it out.

All by way of saying, the only notable skill I seem to possess is an ability to write. Yet despite making my living as a writer for decades (journalism, speechwriting, Congressional testimony, etc.), I hesitated to label myself a "writer" until quite recently. I guess after writing several plays, six novels, and scores of essays and poems, I had to acknowledge the pattern.

So, yeah, I write--about pregnant men, endangered mermaids, mystery-solving journalists, teen tragedy, backyard refugees. My stories grapple with the collision between politics and culture and focus on underdogs pursuing justice and a happy ending.

Courteous reviews, comments, and questions are always welcome. Let the conversations begin.

One more thing: As a certified nonfiction book coach, I help transform raw ideas into polished proposals and thinkers into authors. If that rings your bell, check out my book coaching website.


Check out my forthcoming book, WRANGLING THE DOUBT MONSTER: FIGHTING FEARS, FINDING INSPIRATION. I wrote it just for you!

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I write stories that let you feel and make you think. Fiction, essays, poems. Whatever the moment — or zeitgeist — requires. More at https://amywrites.live.